Congrats on your engagement!

What an exciting journey you're about to embark on! Let me help you in one of the 3 most important things to research asap when planning your wedding! 1st the date, 2nd the venue & 3rd and sometimes 2nd the photographer! Here are some tips to look out for when deciding who will be your hype person!

#1. Budget

Just like your venue, photographers book up fast! Up to 2 years even! Photographers aren't just there to take a million photos throughout your day. They are there to hype you up, keep you on track with the wedding time line and help make your day fun! One of the most important vendors are your photographers. With that being said do your research, ask around in social media groups or your friends for their experience with wedding photographers. You could be paying up to $5,000. Remember you get what you pay for. If you decide to go with someone just starting out, keep that in mind.

#1. Decide on the style you admire

There maybe many photographers out there but not all the styles are the same! When reviewing photographers work it is highly important that you check out their portfolio. This might be on their website or social media platform. Every photographer has a style that they edit consistently with so you know how your photos will be edited as well. Examples: dark & moody, light & airy, true to color etc. If you enjoy light & airy photos make sure to look for a photographer who edits that way. Don't expect a photographer who edits dark & moody to edit the way you want. This is also in the contract that the client understands that they have reviewed the photographers work & accept their style. Also never ask a photographer for RAW photos. Unedited & edited photos are completely different. The edited photos are what represents the artist.

#3. Interview your photographer

Chances are if you don't ask, your photographer may suggest it. Having a consultation helps the photographer and clients get to know each other so you all know you're a great fit. Everyone has different personalities and just because you admire their work doesn't mean you will work well together. If you don't meet up with your possible photographer, they may send you a questionnaire that helps them get to know you and your partners vision for the day & questions about yourself. Feel free to ask your photographer questions such as: what is your turn around time? Are you licensed? How long have you been doing weddings? etc.

#4. Do an engagement session

If you haven't met up with your photographer but have filled out your questionnaire make sure to do an engagement session. Not only are these super fun and usually included in your wedding package but they help to get to know your photographer as well!