Enjoying every minute with the last baby

Taylor & Brock welcomed their beautiful baby girl Lainey on March 1st! I was planning to document their c-section that was scheduled on March 5th but baby girl had her own plans. She even tried making an appearance a month early! I was able to capture a couple photos at the hospital the night before she was born. Mama was having contractions and in early labor but the doctors wanted to wait a couple hours before doing the c-section so I went back home. Though I wasn't able to be there for the birth since she was born at 2 am I am thankful I was able to meet her when she was 1 week old. Taylor & Brock are celebrating Lainey being their last baby. There is just something about savoring your last pregnancy, last ultrasounds, no more baby showers, last time being in the hospital giving birth & cherishing those last milestones.