The name is Chelle, Rachelle that is..

Wow that was weird but funny lol. Probably sums me right up! Other then my awkward sense of humor I do have other qualities such as lots of patience as I was a teacher for 8 years and currently a mom of a teenager so I can handle rascals. My passion for photography is what this business is built on but having the other two doesn't hurt. In fact it takes off the pressure of being in front of the camera. I started S & B back in 2012 on a limb. Got myself a Canon rebel T2i which is a point and shoot to start with & a laptop to transfer photos and edit. The first couple years I gave it a shot but I wasn't fully there. My depression and insecurities ate away my motivation and passion so I gave up after losing my mom. 5 Years later I brushed myself off and started again but this time I was going in full throttle and not stopping. So I upgraded my camera 9 years later, a Canon 90D and an updated laptop. Purchased a domain name for my website, learned how to operate Lightroom & Photoshop, insurance on my business and new props. So here I am adding a 3rd job on my plate and own my business. Photography is my favorite out of those as it lets me work my magic, be myself & express my creativity. Cheers to a new year of S & B!