Want to get a sneak peek of my world?

Let's get behind the scenes!! My daughter, Taylin is my wonderful assistant when I happen to have a photo shoot on the days I have her. She enjoys it for the most part lol. At my recent photo shoot we went to Ames at the Iowa State Campus which was beautiful and had so many greats areas to pick from! While we were taking it all in I had my lovely assistant snap some shots of me behind the camera. I don't get to see those as I'm always the one behind the camera instead of in front. It was definitely fun to see that side of me! It also gives you some insight into how I work and check out my work out gear each session lol! I love wearing comfortable clothes at my sessions because even photographers can get down and dirty plus no one wants to worry about their clothes when they're trying to create magic! You might even get a chance to see me stand on my little step stool my grandma just happen to buy for around the house. Each grand child got gifted one also so I didn't feel so short lol! Having one handy which I like to have strapped to my camera bag, for shots I want to be angling down at my client especially if they're sitting or taller than me to get that better eye level. Just the little handy things photographers pick up! I've noticed if I forget my step stool I like to go into tippy toe mode lol yes some how I like to think it works. I just like to have a variety which is important when taking many shots. So stay still, get that smile on and let me work my magic as I move around you like a boxing bag.