Partying with The Davenport's!

This couple was the sweetest and the most fun getting to meet! Gabbi is one of my absolute favorite clients! She is so genuine & supportive. Karac is alright too, lol JK no for real he was so chill and funny! When I arrived at the boys house getting ready it was a packed house with just myself & Karac's mom with a bunch of men lol. As I was waiting for Karac to get out of the bathroom from getting ready he came out all dressed and ready to go! I was like dude you gotta take off your jacket and tie and slowly put it on for me to take photos lol. One of those things we may never understand why those photos are requested but they are so we're doing it! Needless to say Karac was a great sport redoing it a couple times for me to get the shot. It was worth it. After I got the boys photos done because lets face it they get done quicker so I was able to get their portraits to save time. Score! I headed over to the girls house as the ladies were finishing up getting ready. Gabbi looked stunning! OMG she is seriously the cutest little Latina! I was so proud of my flat lay using her kitchen floor. It looked like a place mat perfectly for the shot. After doing a first look with the bridesmaids and the bride we had to rush to the ceremony. You should see this place, it is so beautiful. I can just imagine the sunsets over the water. I loved the big cross in the middle. It was so fitting for a union coming together between 3 people. God, husband and wife. The weather was beautiful too! Not too hot with just a slight breeze. You never know what you're going to get in July lol. I loved how Gabbi decorated everything from center pieces, bouquets to boutonniere, you name it. She did it! Can we talk about her dress?! It was stunning! It looked like it belonged on Gabbi! I love mermaid style wedding dresses. The ceremony and family / wedding party photos got done quicker than we expected so the wedding party (21 of them) and myself went to the town bar which was right across the street ish from the reception. We had a couple drinks, took some photos in there and heading to the reception where the party really started!! My favorite part about the reception and the whole wedding together was documenting two cultures coming together! Karac is native American and Gabbi is Hispanic. It was cool hearing the different types of music, watching the dancing and hearing the language barriers. I'm looking forward to watching and documenting this families growth!! :) Cheers!