These are my kinda people

I knew when I met Crystal & Skylar we were going to be friends! lol. They were so down to earth and just cool. We had our wedding consultation at a tea / shake place. I think it was One Nutrition. We all got a funky tea bomb and talked over their plans for their big day. Before you know how it its been almost an hour and Crystal has to go back to work. I thought to myself after meeting them, "I want to hang out with them again!" lol. Fast forward a couple months and we're talking over engagement photo ideas. Crystal mentioned her and Skylars first date was at the DQ on grand in WDM which I'm very familiar with as I used to live over there for quite sometime lol. After they grabbed ice cream they headed over to the West Des Moines Library where they had their first date as well. During our session I caught a monarch butterfly then handed it to Crystal so they could hold it and I would try to get a photo before letting It go. It was magIcal! Despite the heat it was a great night with a beautiful breeze that makes you just wish summer would last forever. I can't wait to celebrate with these two in October11 :)