Oliver is such a ham!

Oliver is such a ham! That's the best way to describe our spring mini session adventure out at the popular Water works park. The weather here in Iowa has been unpredictable as always but we still made it out there on a slightly warm cloudy day. I drove around looking for a quiet, secluded area with trees in the background until I found the perfect spot that was doable without the beautiful spring grass lol. Sigh patience, Rachelle. We'll get there I tell myself as I wait for greener trees, flowers and live grass. Oliver, Calyn and Matt were troopers as they drove out 45 mins away to let me play model with Ollie lol. After 30 mins of playing around with props and giggling over Ollie's slober and inquisitiveness I got 10 beautifully edited photos done by the next day sent out to them.