Capturing milestones are so important because it showcases your child's growth. Weather your child is 5 months or 10 years old. As a mom of a teenager I make sure to always take pictures of my daughter's big events though sometimes it may be on my phone but just knowing that I captured that special time in her life makes it that much more meaningful as she grows older. Children no matter what age, even adults enjoy looking back on photos that they can share a connection with. With today's technology it's easier than ever to take thousands of photos and store them on your phone, computer, social media, usb ports or even burn them on DVD's/CDs. I have taken thousands of photos of my daughter compared to maybe in the early 100s my parents have but in prints. Some probably missing, in photo albums or in the hands of family members. My parents back in the day when I was little had film cameras, which I even had the pleasure of owning myself. The whole turn your film in and wait for prints was so excited! Mom was more organized in the way she had photos of us kids in photo albums, as my dad had our family photos in a box in his closet. For a child who comes from divorced parents it means a lot for us to have plenty of photos of each family. I like to think I'm the more family oriented one between the 4 of us kids, so I always held on to photos of my parents when they were married or saving photos of my childhood to share with my daughter. I always urge people to save and take lots of photos with your family especially your children and parents. I'm unfortunately one of those people who lost a parent at a young age. My mom passed away when i was 25 years old in 2015. Luckily being the photographer and mama's girl I am, I had lots of photos of my mom to hold onto. My daughter was 7 years old at the time of mom's passing and there are still some days that we both struggle missing her. I wanted to share that understanding and reassurance for my daughter, Taylin by making her a hard cover photo album of photo's of just her and my mom. She loved it! So weather your parents are alive or not, cherish those times with them! Take that extra time and money that you do have and invest in your child's life by photographing each age and milestone. They will thank you for it later! This is why my prices are the way they are, so you have more time with your child or memories to look back on without breaking the bank! I want to be the author in your story by show casing your life through my lens.