It's important to feel SEEN, HEARD & VALUED!

This applies to all areas in life. WE all strive for the same thing, no matter the color of your skin or walk of life. That is to be LOVED. When we're loved, we feel seen, heard and valued. These feelings pour out into your day to day life. How people make you feel reflects on how you respond. Positive words and actions make us want to be our very best and can help us be our most authentic self. This is what we strive for at Serenity & Bliss! My favorite thing about being the story teller behind the lens is the stories my clients share with me. Weather its being diagnosed with breast cancer, a child with a disorder or just wanting to remise on memories, I'm here with an open ear. Those vulnerable moments matter to me, because that shows you trust me. I want you to feel seen and heard by me. I was a teacher for 8 years and I learned SO MUCH in that time frame. Working with ages 6 weeks - 5 years old, sure makes you a patient and humble person lol. I've seen it all! Tantrums, freak accidents, children not listening, etc. you name it! The best part about teaching was being able to flow with different personalities and needs. I did have some children with special needs (autism, down syndrome, Multiple sclerosis just to name a few.) I taught all races and types of families. I was brought up to love all types of people and never to judge. So when people ask me what makes your photography business different than others? Diversity and inclusion matter.