Here are some common questions that I would like to answer for you! Also please feel free to send me any additional questions!

Q: Suggestions on wardrobe?

A: Pinterest is a great tool for gathering ideas. You can follow me @serenityblissphotography to check out poses, wardrobe ideas and share with me your ideas too! If you're not a Pinterest guru, that is totally ok! Google is always a great source too. Otherwise you can never go wrong with earthly tones or stick to lighter neutrals. Don't forget to bring extra clothes incase of accidents.

Q: How should I prepare for my photo shoot?

A: Make sure everyone has a full stomach and has had their nap. Do a full body scan of yourself and the individuals who will be in the shoot before leaving the house. Sometimes we forget about that pony trail on our wrist. If you have children who will be in the shoot, bring snacks in case of melt downs or to simply use as a bribe if needed. Include your children in the process. They enjoy being apart of your decisions when deciding where to hang the photos in the home. If the location has a play area, animals to visit or an ice cream shop on the way out, be sure to treat them for being so patient! This gives them something to look forward to.

Q:Should I bring anything extra?

A: Extra clothes in case of accidents because they do happen. Leave the phones in the car or anything you don't want to carry around. I will have my backpack in case you need to slip it in there if you forget.

#1 Tip: Don't expect perfection because let's be honest this is real life and melt downs happen. I'm not only your photographer but your team mate. So relax and have fun! This is your day, I'm just along for the ride!