How does your photographer pick a location...

There is a lot to consider when doing a photo shoot outside. Everything from the weather, to theme to location. Here is a little insight on how I pick location and what makes them special. Depending on the theme we're going for this is how I determine what location works best, also to meet my clients in the middle. Less time driving and more time in front of the camera. Before my photo shoots I like to arrive 15 mins early so i can get some good ideas in my head for areas to use, check out the traffic (some areas have high traffic volume) and to be accommodating to my clients if they happen to arrive early also. I prefer sunset and golden hour for my shoots which depending on the season can be as early as 4:00 pm to as late as 9:00 pm. This gives off a soft, warm glow as well as easy to navigate lighting. 

  • Water works Park- Perfect for spring with the pink and white crabapples, the light set up by the kids wooden natures cape, hidden paths with gorgeous tall trees that capture the beauty of fall, the famous bridge, wide open fields which make sunsets look dreamy and not to mention a swing that hides back in one of the trails. Lots of great options!

  • Jester Park- This place is beautiful in the fall with the colorful trees, winding trails, tall prairie grass and even has Elk & Bison to visit when you're done with your shoot!

  • Walker Johnson park- perfect for any season! This place has a lot to offer especially for after your families photo shoot. Take a walk on path through the tree covered trail as you discover benches, a bridge, wide fields and statues. The children can enjoy the playground, skate park and Urbandale library after the shoot.

  • The Ledges- This place is timeless and perfect for any season. Full of hidden trails, peaceful streams and natural rock that makes this place so unique!

  • The Botanical center- looking for indoor and outdoor shoot? This place has it all. Everything from a butterfly garden full of wildflowers, waterfall and loads of greenery!

  • Downtown/ East village- looking for vintage brick, graffiti and lots of personality. Downtown Des Moines has it all! Great for those warm days when you want to go explore the town.

  • The Art Center / Rose Garden- This place has mounts of roses in the summer, elegant bricks made of out an egg shape, Bright white walls and always a fam favorite in the fall.